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Friezer Photography in the Northeast Newspapers

gs 9-14-1969 copy.jpg

Henk and Joe Friezer were the primary photographers for the Northeast Newspapers through the 1960s and 1970s. Occidental College Special Collections is working in collaboration with the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society and the Highland Park Heritage Trust to digitize and make accessible the extensive collection of NELA Newspapers, including many years published by Northeast Newspapers. The Friezer Photography Negatives Collection allows us access to high-quality originals of images featured in the Northeast Newspapers. 

The images in this exhibit are selected from the Friezers coverage of two separate months, September 1969 and October 1973. Only a small set of images are currently digitally available for these months, but complete decades of news coverage are in our collection in negative format.


This exhibit was curated by Special Collections intern Myka Kielbon in July 2016.

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