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Friezer Photography

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The Joe and Henk Friezer Photography Negatives is a collection of roughly 100,000+ photography negatives ranging from 1949-2002, with the bulk of the collection starting from the 1950s. The collection also includes related materials such as print photographs and artifacts related to the Friezer Photography business. The Joe and Henk Friezer Photography Negatives is the collected work of father and son photographers Joe and Henk Friezer, freelance photographers who lived in and built their studio in Los Angeles. The pair photographed many local community and family events such as weddings and private events; numerous local and national businesses and organizations, including Occidental College, the Los Angeles Public Library, and Coca Cola; numerous photographs in local newspapers such as the Northeast Newspapers, South Pasadena Review, and San Marino Tribune; and a wide range of events of historical significance, both nationally and locally. The collection, the bulk of which spans from 1955 to 2002 and which focuses heavily on Northeast Los Angeles where the photographers were based, captures the changes in the Northeast Los Angeles region through photojournalism, portraits, and commercial photography for local businesses and organizations.

Interested in learning more? Explore the world of Friezer Photography through this Occidental College, Special Collections & College Archives digital exhibit!

New! Starting May 2016, the Friezer Photography Negative collection will be showcased in the Occident College Academic Commons as a temporary exhibit.

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