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Joe Friezer, of Friezer Photography, posing in front of the Associated Photographers studio he shared with fellow Dutch photographer Eric Hoff, at 812 N. Vermont Avenue, Hollywood, California.

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Frezier negative no. 4344, President Dwight D. Eisenhower in the Hague after Dutch liberation, 1945

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Mayor Tom Bradley - with staff in Los Angeles Public Library (Friezer no. 9751)

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Joe Friezer negative of Eagle Rock Sentinel photograph, 1960-03-31: "Harry Lawson, Eagle Rock Sentinel Publisher, accepts City Council resolution from Councilman John Holland honoring Sentinel on 50th Anniversary..."

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Paper envelope containing Joe Friezer negatives, March 1960, handwritten note: "Bull. News, March Pix"

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photography, Friezer Photography, Vance Mueller, football, sports

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Oxy Family Day - families at tables in the academic quad

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All-Star Bowling Alley opening day - Lloyd Bridges bowling as others look on. Aaron Spelling in background with microphone
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